Early Screening, but Not Necessarily Early Treatment

While most children don’t need any treatment until all the baby teeth have fallen out, there are some exceptions. This chart is a helpful visual aid on things to look for in your younger child’s mouth.

Please tell your friends, family and neighbors to come see us! We love to see kids age 7 and older for a screening. We don’t like to do any treatment when they are that young but we like to check on them, look at an x-ray and make sure there aren’t any extra teeth, missing teeth, stuck baby teeth, cysts, etc. Our consultation appointments are 100% complimentary.

You would be amazed at what we find! Many parents think they have to wait until the adult teeth are in before visiting an orthodontist and they think they need a dentist to send them but we prefer to see kids at age 7. And you can send your friends – they don’t need to wait for a referral from their family dentist. Help us educate other parents so we can avoid problems that come from waiting too long to detect issues.


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