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Happy to recommend everyone to come meet Dr. Bakhtari. I was referred to him for my 13 yr old son Alex . The moment we met Dr. B my son and I fell in love with him, he has a gracious funny way to deal with kids ,he is fun caring and very professional. Alex is now completed his braces , he is very happy with the results and proud of his beautiful smile.

Maria S.

Gardena, CA

Dr. B and Erika are two of the most genuine and professional people you will ever meet! I visited Riviera Orthodontics in order to fix the movement of my bottom teeth caused by not wearing my retainer. During my first visit, Dr. B put my worries at ease and assured me that braces would be the best route for me to take. Not only did I enjoy going to my scheduled visits dues to the friendliness of the staff and the gentleness of the visits, but I got my braces off early! Riviera Orthodontics was such an awesome experience for me, and I encourage anyone considering orthodontic care to visit Dr. B. I cannot thank them enough!

Alyssa G.

Redondo Beach, CA

Dr. B and Erika are absolutely wonderful. The office is top notch, great location, appointments always run on-time, and the care and service is tremendous. Dr. B is a wonderful, skilled orthodontist with the kind of patient care you wish every doctor had! I encourage anyone seeking orthodontic care to consider Riviera Orthodontics, you won't be disappointed.

Kristina Z.

Redondo Beach, CA

We love Dr. B and Erika at Riviera Orthodontics! It's a very clean, professional office, yet they are very personable and friendly. They are very flexible with scheduling, they explain all procedures, and are always very pleasant! We visited other offices before choosing Riviera and they were the best! My son just got his braces off and we are very pleased with the outcome!

Tiffany W.

Tucson, AZ

Before making my decision to get braces as an adult, I met with three different orthodontists and visited their offices. During my initial consultation with Dr Bakhtari I immediately had a sense that I would be back because I felt right at home. I did my homework before starting my search and was impressed with Dr. Bakhtari's knowledge and professionalism. I had many questions which he patiently answered. He also explained my options; traditional braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign, etc...and shared the pros and cons of each. The icing on the cake was the price for the service! Another plus I have to mention is his assistant, Erika, she's the most courteous and capable medical professional I've come across in a long time.
If you're considering braces for your children or yourself, you will not be disappointed if you check out Riviera Orthodontics. Consultations are freee!

Beth M.

Torrance, CA

Dr. Bakhtari treated me when I needed braces and I couldn't be happier with the results. He was patient, kind, and always took time to make sure I was comfortable. My brother will be needing braces soon and I only trust Dr. B to do the work. I highly recommend Dr. Bakhtari!

Sandy R.

San Pedro, CA

... He is kind, patient and willing to answer all the questions a mother can throw at him. I consider myself lucky to have found him...

Lilia M.

Los Angeles, CA

Needed to fix my permanent metal wire behind my teeth that got loose, and I can highly recommend Dr. Bakhtari and Erika. I was very very impressed by the personalized customer service that I received. Got an appointment on the same day, and had no waiting time when I stepped in. Everything was clear e.g. cost and procedure. I was also recommended to get a retainer instead of the metal wire, but will cost more. However, if I should opt for the retainer in the future, Dr. Bakhtari offered to credit today's fee from the future retainer. When my metal wire start breaking down again, this will be my go-to-place. I'll be back 🙂 Thanks again for a great service!

Catarina T.

Los Angeles, CA

Overall I had a wonderful experience through the whole process and am very, very satisfied with my results (new smile!). They kept in touch and went above and beyond to work with my schedule. I would like to thank Dr. Bakhtari and Erika for providing a very professional and welcoming environment!

Julie A.


I'm 24 and I've accepted my bottom teeth being overcrowded for a long time. I decided to get them fixed finally and Dr. Bakhtari made it very easy. He made himself available for a weekend appointment because I was unable to get off work. My first appointment started right on time and I couldn't imagine the process being any faster. He made sure I was as comfortable as possible getting the braces put on and gave me detailed care instructions afterwards. I even got a follow up call from him a few days later to ask how I was doing and see if I had any questions. I highly recommend Dr. Bakhtari. I'll update my review after a couple more appointments.

Tyler F.

La Jolla, CA

After several years of intense teeth grinding, I broke my trusty retainer (literally cracked part of it off). Dr. Bakhtari gave me several options, such as getting a new nightguard made or getting the retainer repaired for a much cheaper fee as a short term solution. Chose the latter for now to save some cash, but when it breaks again I'll be back to get the nightguard made. They even offered to credit part of the fee for the retainer repair to the nightguard.

Overall, a small, proffesional office that seems more than willing to work with you on any sort of orthodontic problem. Also did a great job of tightening up my retainers.

Patrick F.

Fremont, CA

We visited two other ortho practices before settling on this one and I am very pleased that we did. Dr. Bakhtari offers the latest in treatment options, the office is in a great location, they are pleasant to work with, and overall, I trust the doc's knowledge and practice.

Stacy S.

Redondo Beach, CA

Had a great experience getting replacement retainers. Everyone was friendly and efficient, would definitely recommend.

Matthew B.


We have now been going to Riviera Orthodontics since July and we love it! The staff is extremely accommodating, friendly, and efficient. The atmosphere is clean and inviting. One of the things I love the most is that they are always able to work with my crazy schedule or should I say my kids crazy schedule. Another reason I love Riviera Orthodontics is the service, the doctor always gives you his full attention with minimal to no waiting time, which in my opinion is a dream come true! I am so happy we decided to go here and look forward to seeing my daughters beautiful perfect teeth!

Tonja M.

Torrance, CA

Daughter #1 just got her braces off! Couldn't be happier with the results or the personal care of Dr. Bakhtari's office! Highly recommend!!

Coby T.

Torrance, CA

Dr. Bakhtari's office was great. We went through a few consultations before my daughter felt comfortable choosing his office, which in my opinion is what matters most as the patient is the one who has the experience time and time again under their care. Erika (office manager and dental assistant) was extremely thorough and friendly without ever being pushy. She answered all of our questions ranging from pre and post care to insurance correspondence. The office is very clean and inviting and you can tell the staff including the Dr. are advocates of their work and like what they do. Although we are on the front end of our experience with the office I am anticipating a smooth ride for my daughter and am considering going to them for ortho work for myself. Pricing is comparable to any in the area but the quality of service helps put anyone at ease in regards to ortho costs which of course are never cheap. Highly recommend this office, you will not regret it.

Joe P.

Torrance, CA

I am truly grateful to have Dr. Bakhtari as my orthodontist. I have wanted braces for the past 15 years but never really got to it. I found Dr. Bakhtari on yelp. Five stars clear across the board. I figured I would give him a shot. Just making the appt with the receptionist was great. Ginger was very nice and not pushy about making any appointments. That's what made me feel comfortable. I ended up making an appointment and finally met Dr. B. He was extremely nice, knowledgeable, respectful and well mannered.

During the consultation he explained all the craziness that was going on with my teeth thoroughly. He told me exactly what needed to be done and how long treatment would take. I felt completely at ease. Right then and there I knew i wanted Dr. Bakhtari as my orthodontist. I made an appointment and a week later I got braces. You would think after you get your braces they would forget about you until your next appointment. Not Dr. B. the next day was a Saturday and i got a courtesy message from him. He asked how the first night was and how I was feeling and if there was anything I needed. I was like "wow" this guy is awesome. He actually cares for his patients. Even today, almost 2 weeks later, I get a letter from him saying welcome to his practice and thanks for choosing riviera orthodontist. There was even the picture I remember taking with him when he first put my braces on. This man is truly awesome!! He is also definitely military friendly. I am an active duty soldier with 11 years of service. I definitely recommend Dr. Bakhtari to all. I will be taking my daughter to him when it's time for her braces.
If your reading this, thanks for all u do Dr. B. see you in a couple weeks for my next appt.

Sean K.

Long Beach, CA

We were in vacation for spring break and my son's band split and had a sharp edge sticking out that was cutting his tongue. We thought we could get it fixed when we return but it got so bad my son didn't want to eat anything. I called Riviera Orthodontics and Dr. Bakhtari said to come on in and he would fix it! We went in and not only did he fix it but did it gratis. Dr. Bakhtari and his staff were extremely friendly! We would recommend this orthodontist to everyone in this area! Thank you so much for your help and kindness!

Cherie & Latham Robinson
Austin, TX

Cherie R.

Austin, TX

So let me tell you about how awesome Dr. Bakhtari is. I came in as one of his first patients at his new office and from the very beginning I knew I was in good hands. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed as he was very knowledgeable and forthcoming about the whole process. Everything went as expected and my braces were off right on time! I'm happy to show off my new smile everywhere I go. Thanks Dr. Bakhtari!

Michelle H.

Compton, CA

I was extremely fortunate to have found Dr. Bakhtari here on Yelp. I had a dental emergency and he was more than happy to finagle his schedule around last minute to accommodate me as a new patient. Rarely do I feel inclined to post a review but this is an exceptional case. Dr. Bakhtari is not only incredibly professional and skilled, but also a really friendly and sincere guy. He fixed me right up and I left with a smile 🙂 I'd highly recommend his office to anyone looking for orthodontic treatment!

Ryan B.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

As a dental assistant I'm very picky when it comes to people working on my teeth. I did my research and found Dr. Bakhtari. So I decided to check him out. The consultation was simple and right to the point, and I was always greeted with a smile and a sincere welcome on every appointment. Now that my treatment is completed I can honestly say I made the right choice and I'm so happy with my results. So if you want amazing results I recommend you check him out!!

Jovani F.

Long Beach, CA

Dr. Bakhtari is extremely nice and knowledgable. He takes his time to answer all my questions and explains every step of the process. You never feel like he is rushing or in a hurry.

The office is very clean and looks great. The staff is friendly and is accommodating around my busy schedule.

Our family is very satisfied with Riviera Orthodontics. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for great results, friendly customer service and affordable prices.

Sam S.

Brea, CA

Amazing. We couldn't find a time for me to come in that worked with my schedule so they made an exception to open the office on a Saturday just for me. Helped me choose an option that would suit my needs, budget and lifestyle. Even offered to play music of my choice during the procedure.
Clean, kind, professional and affordable.

Juli K.

Redondo Beach, CA

We just moved from Texas, and my daughter needs braces, you know how difficult it is when you move and find the most important thing for your family: Doctors and Schools. Well, I went into Yelp, and I find Doctor B, OMG, great service, Nice person, dedicated to his career and personal. The amazing staff that he has it's awesome, I recommend 100% .

Monica G.

Cypress, TX

Dr. Bakhtari is very kind and very professional. He explained the whole process and told me my daughter was too young for braces just yet but I will be bringing her to him when the time is right. Very clean atmosphere.

Angela R.

San Pedro, CA

I think I've been going to Dr. Bakhtari since 2007. He is intelligent and down to earth. His new office is beautiful, convenient and clean. Dr. Bakhtari has a good heart and does what is best for the patient and provides great service. Thank you, Dr. Bakhtari!

E T.

Hawthorne, CA

I'm a patient of Riviera Orthodontics and I clearly tell you that you will never find a better place with kinder people in the ENTIRE world! Thank you for the braces and I appreciate it.

Mariana R.

Hawthorne, CA

My daughter has been begging for braces for the past six months. Not only for cosmetic reasons but her malaligned teeth were now causing her pain. After a consultation with a different orthodontist that I felt was just trying to up sell me the whole time, I sought another alternative. I was referred to Dr. Bakhtari's office by a family friend and knew from the first phone call they had a much different approach to orthodontics. The office manager is friendly, professional and informative. Dr. Bakhtari was very knowledgeable and took his time with us to discuss my daughters needs. My daughter felt very comfortable with their staff and is super excited to start her braces soon. Our many thanks to Riviera Orthodontics!

Jamie H.

Hawthorne, CA

Dr. Arash Bakhtari is not only a great orthodontist he is a true professional. After a negative experience with a previous orthodontist I was nervous whether to switch to him or not. He analyzed my case carefully and told me exactly from the beginning what he could do for me. He is great at indicating at home care with braces and he goes out of his way to make sure the patient is not in much discomfort as well as ensuring the movements of the teeth are precise. The fact that he has a great personality and honesty makes it much easier to look forward to completion of the treatment. There were no surprises to the treatment follow ups and as the months pass by, following his indications and not missing my appointments I ended up with this incredible smile!! I was always very self conscious and did not smile much but after my braces were removed I can't stop smiling every day. A smile makes memories in life and that is priceless!! Thanks Dr. Bakhtari.

Layla R.

Culver City, CA

Dr. Bakhtari has treated my son and myself. We both got great results. Dr. Bakhtari patiently explained every step. I would recommend him to children and adults.

Dyan K.

Manhattan Beach, CA

Dr. Bakhtari explained the process to me since I'd never had braces before and was super nice. He gave me a good time frame for when I would get my braces off and when I got them off, I went to my regular dentist (in Manhattan Beach) who complimented Dr. B's work. Said he did a great job. I moved out of state and when I saw a new Ortho, he complimented my teeth and said that my teeth looked great. He also complimented the retainer and said it was really nicely made.

Manan P.

Detroit, MI

He is awesome! Dr. Bakhtari, aka "Dr. B," clearly loves his job. He has made my ortho visits pleasant and worry-free. He kept me informed on the status of my treatment. My braces were taken off June 2010 and my smile is great! I get compliments all the time about how beautiful my smile is.

Sherry P.

Long Beach, CA

Dr. Bakhtari and his staff could not have been any more pleasant or professional. He will listen to you and hear your concerns and has a good way of putting you at ease. I like that he always explains what he is going to do or is doing.

Michelle R.

Los Angeles, CA


Dr. B and Erika are a pleasure to work with. They are extremely professional and friendly. Dr. B was more than happy to accommodate my work schedule and stay after hours to see me. Making an appointment is easy and Erika sends text message reminders.

Chloe K.

Redondo Beach, CA