Your First Appointment

Your first visit will be a consultation appointment. Dr. Bakhtari will perform a thorough examination and discuss his findings and recommendations with you. We reserve 45 minutes for you at the initial consultation so that you will have the opportunity to have all your questions addressed. If you have recent x-rays, please ask your dentist to forward us a copy if possible. Once the clinical portion of the consultation appointment is completed, treatment costs and financial arrangements will be discussed.

If you are ready to proceed, we can take a complete set of orthodontic records (x-rays, photos, and impressions of the top and bottom teeth). If your schedule permits and you would like to eliminate an extra appointment, you can even have your braces placed on the same day! We understand that our patients and their parents have busy schedules, so we offer this convenience to make getting your treatment started easier.

Riviera Orthodontics is also happy to offer select Saturday availability for the initial long appointment to place the braces, with the understanding that all regular follow up appointments must be made during regular business hours (Monday thru Friday). If you or your child are not ready yet for treatment, we will make an appointment for you to come back in a few months for a re-evaluation.

In the interest of saving time, please print and fill out the appropriate adult or child health history form below and bring it to the consultation appointment if possible. All of our financial policies are outlined in the "Financial Policies" tab below. Thank you.